31 Days Of Horror Games: Day 13

Friday the 13th is upon us! Good luck to you all. I forgot to actually do Day 12 yesterday, so here’s another double feature.

I took a chance on Bulb Boy because there’s not much horror gaming to be had on the Switch yet, and the art reminded me of one of my favourite childhood illustrators, J. Otto Seibold. I was pleasantly surprised by a cute, funny, and occasionally pretty spooky little point&click adventure game.  The scenes can be grotesque in an irreverent, adolescent way, but they’re cleverly accompanied by a synths and industrial soundtrack. It’s a charming little haunted house.

Bulb Boy is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Thumper is a game that needs to be felt. It’s not horror in the traditional sense; its a cacophony of light and sound and sensation. Its abstract world is hostile and demanding, pounding into you like the best sort of bass that rattles your chest until you feel like you’re dying. The trance state achieved in Thumper is violent and carnivorous. The game throws you into itself and never really stops for you. It’s one of the best rhythm games I’ve played.

Thumper is available on Steam, PSN, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.