31 Days Of Horror Games: Days 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12

Soooo sorry for the absence, habits are a hard thing to form. Here’s a little mix of old and new.

I can’t claim to know much about Taiwanese culture, especially 1960s Taiwan. That makes Detention all the more interesting a game to play. It draws from a bevy of Taiwanese and Chinese mythology  to create a hauntingly beautiful school setting that’s really fun to explore. Like the best sorts of horror stories, the scares here are ultimately internal, the pain of living with unending guilt and the fear that redemption might never be attainable. Detention meters this out masterfully, each scare truly earned until the end, which is heartbreaking.

Detention is available on Steam and PSN.

Resident Evil 6 is a hugely divisive game. Lots of RE fans despise it, claiming it took the series in the wrong direction with a focus on action. It certainly is much more action focused, but me? I love that. In a series spanning over twenty years, there’s room for different types of horror, and RE6 exemplifies that.

The four campaigns have you playing different perspectives of the same storyline, and this is channeled through the gameplay as well. RE6 takes a basic third-person shooter control framework, and through each campaign’s tone and pacing, creates a vastly different feel for it each time. It’s fun, it’s over-the-top camp, and it doesn’t take away from how good the original RE games were. And, well, Capcom’s shown it can still do real survival horror with RE7, so go back to this one and have fun with it. I really recommend the co-op.

Resident Evil 6 is available on Steam, PSN, and Xbox One.

Hey, remember Quake? Wasn’t that cool? Anyway, here’s Butcher. It’s an extremely lofi bloodbath massacre of a game. Honestly, it’s really impressive that you can tell what’s going on at all on the screen with how tiny everything is. Although 2D, it’s essentially in the spirit of old-school shooters like Doom and Quake, demanding twitchy reflexes while you mow down enemies to the tune of some really great industrial beats. It’s harsh, and you’ll die a lot, and it’s great.

Butcher is available on Steam, PSN, Xbox One, and, surprisingly, Nintendo Switch.

Okay, listen….Manhunt is a really intense game. It really, really isn’t for everyone. I say that as a warning, not as a some “oooh this is so hardcore and scary” kind of edgy thing. It’s a disgusting game riddled with a history of controversy.

It’s also really good. It’s a stealth-based murder simulator that has you sneaking and plotting as you meticulously kill various gang members, with nothing hidden from the CCTV cameras placed around the city. In 2017, it’s not exactly the smartest video game critique of voyeuristic violence, and coming from Rockstar its almost laughably ironic, but for its time (2003), it was a disturbing, titillating inward look at how violence and death are exploited by popular media.

Manhunt is available on Steam and PSN.