31 Days Of Horror Games: Day 6


The experience of playing ANATOMY can be summed up in, “Thanks! I hate it!”

Seriously, though, ANATOMY is heavy, unpleasant, far too close, and present, and it is wonderful for that. ANATOMY explores some of the fears closest to our hearts: bodily integrity and the home as extension of self. It reminds us, by simply walking through a house, that mundanity is its own horror, that we place trust in this construct, both physical and social, than can crush down on us and our conception of ourselves. For anyone who has been a victim of abuse or family trauma, the sense of alienation comes through twofold. What happens to a person, to a place, when a home feels so very not that? When it feels like a creature alive with malice, closing in around you and unsettling the core of your being? Every house is haunted, and every house is like a body.

ANATOMY can be purchased on itch.io.