31 Days of Horror Games: Days 3&4

Missed another day, so here’s another double feature for y’all. This time I’m returning to some classics. These two, above all else, I consider must plays for horror.


Silent Hill 2 is the pinnacle of horror for me. It’s been the most influential to my personal sense of storytelling and the kind of horror I’m drawn towards. Sixteen years later, its unique style of psychological terror combined with strong visuals and a brilliant industrialized soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka still stands strong. It’s haunting and elegant, gorgeous in its grotesquerie. It’s a story about a selfish man caught in his own personal hell that’s still valuable today.

It’s also a game that deserves to be played the Right way. Grab a used PS2. Get a Greatest Hits copy off eBay. Avoid the PS3 collection at all costs, it’s an insulting cash grab. Revel in the fog.


Fatal Frame is another PS2 oldie, one framed around a mechanic that I don’t think any other game franchise has really taken advantage of quite as well. You’ve got an old supernatural camera and you use it to take pictures of ghosts. Somehow, that’s fucking terrifying.

Fatal Frame and its sequels masterfully use suspense and the helplessness conceived from an added barrier between confrontation to create some of the scariest moments I’ve ever experienced in a game. It also feels like a quintessentially Japanese experience, drawing from Japanese horror cinema and 1980s culture.

Fatal Frame is available for PS3 on PSN.


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